Our booth is very simple to operate!

Party-goers simply enter the photo booth and select “begin” on our touch screen interface. The booth will take a series of 4 pictures approximately 5 seconds apart. Each photo will be displayed briefly on the monitor inside the booth. Just seconds after the last picture is taken high quality color photo strips will be printed and available outside the booth.



Our photo booth takes awesome photos and produces excellent photo strips.  Because we use a high definition Canon DSLR camera - not a webcam. This produces high quality photo booth images, and also allows for creating larger prints later – in case you want to blow up that “perfect shot.”  A high speed, lab quality dye sublimation printer produces commercial grade, archival quality prints in less than 10 seconds.  These photo strips will stand up to water and fingerprints, and allows your guests to take home a memento they can cherish forever.  Some photo booths can take minutes to print your photos.  However, our photos are  printed in just seconds.  This gives us the ability to print as many photos as your group requires.  Photo strips can also be personalized to include a customized logo or text to ensure your guests remember your event forever. That’s right, we said strips… one for you and one for your guests.



The Photos 


Props can be the difference between just a good time and an unforgettable experience. There are some people who like to dress up and let it all hang loose.  Our props can help you and your guests do just that.  We provide a wide assortment of mustaches, glasses, boas, hats, etc. We can also tailor a specific genre, motif, or style of props to fit the theme of your event.

Our photo booth is 5 feet wide, 5 feet long, and 8 feet tall. Why so big, you might ask?  We want you and your guests to be able to get a group shot. Why limit yourself to only 2 or 3 people in the photo?  Even with its large size, our booth is highly portable and can be setup either inside or outside.

The exterior of our booth is basic black, so it goes with any color theme you may have.  Inside the booth, we feature a full color touchscreen flat panel LED monitor.  If desired, your guests can choose between full color or black & white photo strips. Also, for added flair, our green screen option is available and it  can virtually transport you and your guests to a different time and place!

The Booth


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